Welcome to the Sequitur Blog

When discussing religion with believers, I often encounter the accusation that science is just another religion, complete with dogma, blind faith, etc.  While I would like to argue outright that this is simply not true, unfortunately it often is. When someone goes around touting their belief in Relativity, Big Bang Cosmology, or the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection without fully grasping the evidence for these phenomena, they are indeed taking a leap of faith and are no better off then their religious counterparts.

My aim in putting together this blog is to explore the extent of human knowledge and my own personal knowledge.  I am a high school graduate with no higher education to speak of and no special claim to expertise in any particular subject.  I read a lot of popular science and philosophy in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of myself, the world and the universe.  I hope that in writing these articles I can contribute to other people’s understanding of these topics, and even more I hope that I can get some constructive feedback that will give me a better understanding as well.


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